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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sunny Saturday

This morning we all thought Sam was in labor. Lucas and I headed into town to pick up Steven (Sam's 10 year old son.) Just as we were pulling in our driveway with Steven, Sam and her Mom pulled right behind us. Sam was sent home because she wasn't far enough along in labor. I ended up keeping Steven for a few hours because I had already told the boys I would take them to the Roundhouse. It worked out because then Sam was able to go home and get a little rest.
Lucas had a blast showing Steven around. If you haven't noticed yet, the Roundhouse is Lucas' favorite place on earth. This is actually our second time there this week. We're really getting our money's worth out of that year pass we bought!
Steven had a blast as well. He said he likes anything "that is big, especially if it has big wheels."
Steven had lots of questions about what everything was and most of them I didn't know the answer too, which is sad considering the amount of times I've been to the Roundhouse.
Steven was planning his next trip back saying, "I can't wait to show my Mom this next time!"
Since the kids were so well behaved I decided to take them for a special treat and eat lunch on a train at the Whistlestop Cafe. It was 11:00AM when we got there and they don't actually open until 11:30 but the SWEETEST lady on earth worked there and opened up just for us. The boys thought it was so cool to eat on a train, especially since we had the whole place to ourselves.
When we got home I fixed Curt some lunch and the boys dyed Easter Eggs while Curt ate. Curt had a rough day yesterday but seems to be feeling much better today.
Just as the boys were done with their Easter eggs, Curt was dressed and ready to take Steven back into town. He is spending some time with his Grandpa tonight and is so excited to be out of the house. I've called him a few times tonight to make sure he is taking it easy and taking his medication and he sounds great. He's been so appreciative of me lately, and I'm just doing what he would do for me if the situation was reversed.
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Kirsten said...

So glad Curt's doing so well on the mend! What a blessing!

Jon mentioned wanting to take his father to the train place and I told him he should ask you for details since you and Lucas go there all the time!

Michael said...

I am glad the surgery went good. I hope he is going to take it easy when he goes back to work monday.