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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Three is the Magic Number

In the mornings Lucas usually crawls into bed with me sometime after Curt leaves for work. He will snuggle with me while he watches TV and it buys me a few more minutes of precious sleep. When he starts asking me to make breakfast I will roll out of bed. However, if we have cereal in the house he will usually fix himself breakfast, even going as far as getting out a bowl from the cabinet. We no longer keep locks on the fridge or cabinets because he seems to have outgrown his old habits (knock on wood!)

Well, this morning I found his little table set up with three cups and three bowls of cereal. One bowl was empty, Goldilocks style. I was starting to wonder if maybe Luc now has some imaginary friends when he told him that he made breakfast for himself, me, and his father. Of course a few minutes later he changed his story and said the extra two bowls were for Shane and Colby, and then Gabe and David.

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