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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Our Weekend in Rome

This past weekend, I felt like I was trapped in one of those vacation comedy movies where everything that could go wrong does. Okay, looking back that may be a slight exaggeration. So yeah, the pool was out of order and potty training on the go BITES, and the AC in the car didn't work most of the 5+ hour trip home but there were some really great moments too.

*On the way down everyone else was sleeping and I got to drink coffee, drive, and sing along with my iPod with nobody complaining about MY music. SO MUCH FUN
*My Mom and I got to have breakfast together every morning while Lucas and my Grandma were still sleeping. I don't know when the last time just the two of us did something together.
*I loved being able to walk around Berry. It is so pretty. It was one of the colleges I considered going to until my parents bribed me with a car to go to AASU.
*It was nice to help take my Grandma to her 60th College Reunion.

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