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Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Little Fish

This past weekend we spent in St.Simons Island for a family reunion. Lucas spent every possible minute he could in the pool. He used to HATE to get his head wet until we got him a pair of goggles. (He had to have ones like his big cousins Shane and Colby.) Well this weekend he started going under water with them on and looking around and then staying underwater to show off for Joseph, his baby cousin.
Then he started asking to hold on to our hands so he could kick himself around the pool. We kept telling him that if he would let go of our fingers then he would be swimming all by himself. He said he wasn't ready for that so we didn't push. We left Sunday and headed home.
We had a playgroup pool meetup today and Lucas just jumped right in the pool and starting swimming around. He didn't even realize what he was doing at first. I had to tell him he was swimming all by himself one of the times he popped up for air. He was so tickled and proud of himself.
Joseph was also at the meetup today and when he saw his big cousin swimming by he started making the sign for fish with his hands.

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