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Monday, January 18, 2010

Something to Talk About

A few nights ago Curt was playing a game on his computer when Lucas walked up to see what he was doing. Apparently the game wasn't going so well because out of nowhere Lucas says, "Man Dad, you are getting your ass kicked!" and then turned and walked away. (Then Daddy and Lucas had a conversation about how we do not use certain words in our house)
Last weekend we were in the car and I was driving and Lucas was eating a snack. He accidently dropped some on his lap and I hear him say, "Damn it!" and when I asked him about what he had said he tells me, "Oh mom it's just a song dammit, dammit, fammit, hammit" Yeah, if he is already able to pull excuses out of thin air at four, I am in BIG trouble.
Luc: "Mom in our new house can I have a bunk bed?"
Me: "I don't know baby, why?"
Luc: "So when we get my older brother he can have a bed to sleep in already, and he'll always be in my room."

1 comment:

The Wheelers said...

way too funny...so when you adopting him and older brother??? ;)