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Thursday, January 07, 2010


This year brings so many possibilities, so many adventures, and so many unknowns. The first big change is that since my Grandma passed away a few weeks ago I now have a whole lot of free time. During the school week I helped take care of her a few days a week. Now I've just been by myself while Curt is at work and Lucas is in school.

Our plan was always for me to go to work when Lucas started school... so here I am job hunting. I've applied for a job at a local library but haven't heard anything. The problem is finding something that starts after 9AM since I have to take Lucas to school in the mornings.

The other big thing is we finally have a decent size amount of money to pay off our credit card debt and still have some left over for a down payment on a house. We've been looking around at houses here and there but feel a little overwhelmed. I've started reading "Home Buying for Dummies." I wish we could skip the whole home buying process and go right to the home decorating.... I've already been googling "train themed twin bedding" for Lucas' new room.

The last thing I am focusing on is getting back into the gym. In the last month between four Thanksgiving dinners, losing three loved ones (Southern Fried Funeral Food anyone?), birthday cakes (Curt's and mine) and all the Christmas festivities I have gained 15 pounds... in one month. The sad thing is I have a gym membership to a place right next to Lucas' school that I haven't seen the inside of in quite a while. That ended this week after I realized how much weight I've packed back on. Now a few days a week I drop Lucas off at school and then head STRAIGHT for the gym before I do anything else.

So here I am just a little scared and a lot excited and I'm ready to see how this year is going to unfold.

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Just Plain Me said...

Kari - you can do it...the house, the gym...all of it. I know it is a long road, but you will get ther eventually. Now if I could only tell myself that. keep us posted on the house hunt. (Joyce)