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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Dear Lucas (4 years 6 Months... and some days),

This is the latest I have ever been with one of your letters and this is NOT a habit I want to keep. It has been quite a busy month. We are currently in the middle of buying our first house and we all all excited.

Today we got brand new carpet and you were so happy to see your new room. When we got home you wanted to start packing up your room so we got out the boxes and let you pack up some of your toys. The first thing you packed... your trains. Hopefully you understood when we explained to you that we aren't opening the boxes until we get to the new house. I think you are going to be very happy there. We are planning to turn the spare bedroom into a playroom and there is a playhouse in the large backyard. We should be moving in there in just a few weeks.
To go along with our new house you and your Dad decided we needed a new dog. So about a week ago we welcomed "Nicey" to our family. You are the one that named her, "because she is nice." She really is a sweet dog and she loves to cuddle, so you guys are two peas in a pod. Every night she comes crawling in your bed to snuggle after you have fallen asleep. She is pretty much your dog. We were planning on getting you a loft bed for the new house but have been rethinking it because then Nicey couldn't crawl in bed with you. We asked you if you would rather have a high bed and Nicey not be able to sleep with you or a low bed so Nicey could snuggle with you. Your response totally cracked me up. You told us you wanted a high bed with an elevator for Nicey.
You've been asking for a brother lately and you've gotten the next best thing in your book, I started watching your friends David and Gabe again. When I started looking for a job last month it really hit me that I was going to have less time with you and just the thought of it was killing me. Right around the time I started getting interviews, David and Gabe's babysitter gave notice that she would be moving in a month and Priscilla asked if I might want to start watching them again. It seemed like a perfect solution, you would get to spend time with your best friends and I would be able to still be a "stay-at-home mom."
Snuggle Buggle, I love you to the moon and back,
P.S. The next letter should be written from our brand new home!!!!

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Katie said...

Congrats on everything!!

Wait, did something happen to Jadie that I missed?