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Friday, May 28, 2010

Dear Lucas (4 years 10 months),

In two months you will be 5. In less than two weeks you will no longer be in PreK and in just a few months you will be starting Kindergarten. Where does the time go? On the way home from school today we were talking about plans for your birthday and I actually asked if you could stop growing and just stay this age forever. Your response was, "Mom, that's what kids do, grow up. I have to get older so I can be like Dad and grow a mustache or maybe a beard."
Thursday was the big PreK end of the year picnic and you were presented with your certificate of completion. You asked me if that meant it was the last day of school, which would make sense but you still have two weeks left. I can't believe summer is finally here! I am so excited to get to spend more one on one time with you.
After the picnic was over your whole class headed to the beach for a chance to dig in the sun and splash in the waves. Your whole prek experience has been so awesome and I love getting to go on field trips with you. You guys had a blast. One classmate said "This is the best day ever" and pretty soon you were all saying "yes, this is the best day ever," which made your wonderful teachers day.
Your Grandma got to come to the beach with us to see you get your certificate and jump in the waves with you. On the way home she suggested we stop for an ice cream cone and a cool drink. So we stopped at the Sugar Shack on Tybee, which in a way is a part of our family history I guess. Grandma used to go there before I was ever even born and before you were born your Dad and I went there on our very first date. I never could have guessed nine years ago just how wonderful things would turn out.
Tee ball ended last week and I am so glad that we signed you up. It was so nice for me and your Dad to get up and go cheer you on every week. Playing really taught you about team work and working together and it was just such a good experience. After each game we would always go out and have lunch together as a family. We'll just have to find a new Saturday activity to replace tee ball.

The last thing that has been going on is that we have to go to Atlanta to get your eyes checked out. For some reason your eyesight has been getting worse instead of better so we are going to see a specialist to see if they can find out why and hopefully correct it. The whole waiting and not knowing thing is a little nerve-racking but we have been trying to stay calm, especially around you. No sense stressing for weeks over something that might not even be a big deal.
Love you to the moon and back,

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MommyWise said...

Wow! Kindergarten! Now is the time to have another! LOL