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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dear Lucas (5 years old),

I have a feeling that "5" just became your favorite number. I know it sounds cliche but it doesn't seem like you should be five already and about to start Kindergarten. I think four was a pretty cool age and you packed so many things into one year (trips to Disney World and California, getting glasses, starting school.) I am excited to see what five brings.
The night before your birthday I snuck into your room and hung up a birthday banner and blew up balloons and covered your floor with them. You were so excited and happy when you woke up and kept asking, "Is it finally my real birthday? Is this my five birthday?" We got you a few presents and instead of giving them to you all at once, we spread them out through the day. I think it made all the birthday fun last longer.

I baked you a strawberry cake just like you asked for and we invited you friend Gabriel over to help you celebrate. You always seem to get two cakes every year, one on your birthday and one on your birthday party. The ironic thing about that is you don't even like cake. You just enjoy blowing out the candles.
Your birthday was pretty low key this year because we were all pretty tired from getting back from Atlanta. We had to go so that your eyes could get looked out closely. Your Dad was thankfully able to go with us and we left the night before since you had to be at the hospital so early. On the way to Atlanta we stopped for gas and stumbled on a petting zoo. It was a pretty fun start to our trip.
I found a cheap hotel for us to stay at and it had a pool so one of the first things we did when we go there was go for a swim. Knowing that you were turning five gave you a new sense of courage and you started jumping in the pool without any floats, goggles, or anyone catching you. You were so proud of yourself. Our room had a king sized bed in it and you were so happy you told us, "I'm going to sleep in the middle and this is going to be awesome because we will all be together."
The day before your birthday we got up and drove to the hospital to get you checked in and ready for your procedure. You were in pretty good spirits before hand and I was totally at peace about everything. I knew you would be okay because you had so many people praying and thinking about you from all over the world.

When you came back from the procedure you were very tired and upset and you just wanted your Mommy, so I snuggled you until it they released us. We got good news and they didn't find anything wrong with your retinas and that means no more trips to Atlanta. I don't know a better way to kick off your birthday.

Lucas, I love you to the moon and back,

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