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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Lucas (5 years and 1 month old),

Your letter is a few days late this month because I wanted to include your first day of Kindergarten. The last few weeks I would get a little sad when I thought about you being older. One day I think you could tell I was having one of those moments and you said, "Don't worry Mommy. Remember the book you read to me last year when I was scared about going to school. I will give you a kissing hand and whenever you miss me you can just touch it to your cheek."

I can't believe how fast your first summer off from school flew by us. You loved anything that involved water; the beach, swimming at Grandma & Grandpa's, or splashing around in the fountains downtown. We hit up the new splash fountain in Forsyth Park a few times and it is one of my favorite places to go with you. We live pretty close by and free parking is easy to find. Also, I love that it is a place that I went as a kid and your Dad and I also went there on our first date.
This summer you moved even further up the cousin totem poll when your Aunt Lori and Uncle Tony had their second child. You weren't as excited about Joshua being born as you were about Joshua. You acted like you were thinking "eh, he's cute and all, but he's a baby. Call me in a few years when he can kick a ball or push a train." When Joseph was born you expected him to come out ready to play now I guess you have more reasonable expectations for babies.
You have officially become a cool older cousin. The way that you look up to Shane and Colby is the way that Joseph looks up to you. When Lori and Tony were all busy with labor and having Joshua, Joseph hung out with us for 24 hours. He adored you. Everything you did he wanted to do. Every toy you played with he wanted to hold. You were AMAZING with him. Sometimes when you are playing with your friends you don't want to share but you were so great at looking after him. He even bunked with you and the two of you slept together all night long. I hope it is your first of many more cousin overnights.
David and Gabe are still your best friends. If you go a whole day without seeing them then you go through withdrawals and beg for them to come over or you to go to their house. Luckily they live just a few blocks from us. They haven't been over as much as they usually are since their Mom has been off from work recovering from surgery but you three still got together all summer long. On the last day of summer break there was a heavy rain storm and our power was knocked out. We headed over to their house and your Dad and I played Uno with the adults while you kids splashed around in the giant "lake" in the street.

Monday was your first day of school and you were ready to go the moment you woke up. I jumped in the shower while you were sleeping and when I got out I found you fully dressed with your backpack on your back. Since you are crazy about super heroes lately I got you a batman underoos shirt to wear under your uniform. You loved having a "secret identity" that nobody else at school would know about. You could not wait to ride the bus and didn't want me to take you but you did agree that I could meet you at your school and walk you to your class.
I was standing right there when you stepped off the bus and you were so excited. You loved riding the bus and I guess my carpool duties are over for the next few years (at least when it comes to school.)
You walked right into your classroom like you owned the place and hung up your backpack and sat down in front of a can of blue playdoh. You could care less that I was still there. I kept telling you I was about to leave and you would just say "okay mom, see you later" I was able to sneak a kiss and you did give me a kissing hand and you didn't even notice that I left. You are such a big kid! I am excited that you have a friend from your prek class from last year with you and now according to you Heather is your best friend at school.
The first thing you do when you get home from school everyday is run in the house and start stripping your clothes off. Then you find your Captain America costume and you spend the rest of the night dressed up. Sometimes you even have me and your Dad say lines that you tell us too. Your Dad is usually the villain and I am usually the damsel in distress that calls out for help. You don't go back to being Lucas until it is time for bath, story time and a few minutes of snuggle time before bed.

Captain America, I love you to the moon and back,