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Monday, December 27, 2010

Dear Lucas (5 Years & 5 months),

It's hard to believe Christmas has come and gone and soon you will be going back to school. This has been the best Christmas yet. It's been so magically watching you get excited about every little thing. We've gone to the Roundhouse to watch "The Polar Express," you decorated a gingerbread house, we saw the nativity story acted out in front of us at the journey, and we wrapped tons of presents. In all the excitement and craziness I think the best moments were just cuddled up next to you singing Christmas carols and drinking hot chocolate.
Right before Christmas your aunt Sam and your cousin Caden moved in with us for a while. So far so good and it's been nice having them around. I think the only one having any problems adjusting is you. They are staying in your playroom so you've had to give it up for now. Also, suddenly you have a little person there trying to "mess with your stuff."
The very same day that Sam and Caden moved in three of your cousins came to stay with us for a short visit. It was a loud but fun house for a couple of days. You really had fun playing with Levi. One time he was not listening to his Mom and she was joking and told him that if he didn't behave she didn't want to take him home. You immediately said "that's okay, he can stay here and be my brother," and for the rest of his visit you kept referring to him as your brother. When his little brother Isaiah did anything you thought was wrong you would run to their mom and say "that boy is being mean to my brother." When it was time for them to leave Erica explained that she had to take Levi home because all his Christmas presents were at their house. You were fine with that but you keep talking about how now that Christmas is over your brother Levi will be back soon.
Before Christmas I took you to see Santa and luckily there was no line. You were able to talk to him for a few minutes. The only thing you asked Santa for this year was a Nerf gun and a hot wheels track. Christmas morning you were so excited to see a nerf gun next to your stocking you didn't even notice any of your other presents for over an hour.
Since we are in a house with a whole lot more room we were able to get a decent Christmas tree. Since we've had you we've always had a tiny Christmas tree. This year that little Christmas tree went in your bedroom and served as your night light. Christmas morning the tree was packed with presents and our house was full with family and it was such a great feeling.
The day after Christmas we were just hanging out at the house and I looked out the window and noticed a few snow flakes floating down in the air. It was so exciting and pretty to see snow falling around all the Christmas decorations. Just as the sun was starting to go down some of the snow started to stick and covered the roof and started to stick to the ground. You drank hot chocolate while we watched the snow fall around us. It was the perfect ending to a perfect Christmas.

Sweet-pea, I love you to the moon and back,

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