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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Rest in Peace Siren Firetruck Hose Hunter

Friday morning I noticed that Lucas' kitty Siren was missing. She was always an inside cat but she enjoyed going out in the backyard with the dogs when they took potty breaks. I figured she would turn up. I got Lucas dressed for school and we headed to the bus stop. Right as we walked out of our driveway I noticed a black cat lying in the road. I was able to distract Lucas so he didn't notice the cat and get him on the bus without him knowing anything was wrong. It turned out that it was Siren. When Lucas got home from school Curtis and I told him that Siren had passed away and he wanted to bury her in the backyard so we did.

The first night we brought Siren home 10/15/2010

Bonding with his new kitten
Siren quickly became the subject of Lucas' artwork.
She liked to jump in the empty dryer.

Even our nephew Caden loved her.
She loved taking naps on the couch just like Nicey and Jadie.

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