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Monday, February 07, 2011

Dear Lucas (5 years 6 months 1 week... and a few days late),

This is probably the latest I've been with a letter to you. It's just crazy life seems to get as you get older and how much it seems to go by quicker. It's also funny to think how when your Dad and I first found out that I was pregnant with you that we both hoped for a girl. I can honestly say however since you've been in our lives we never once thought "man I wish we had a girl instead." I just never realized how much fun pirates and super heroes are. The other night I went to dinner with a friend and came home to find you passed out in bed. You were all snuggled under the covers and next to you was your Spider-Man costume. I couldn't help but smile because the way everything was laying there it looked like I had just discovered Spider-man's secret identity.
Caden and Aunt Sam are still staying with us. You and Caden are finally starting to warm up to each other. When Caden first moved in he was terrified of taking baths for some reason but he started to see how much fun you had he decided to give it a try. Now every night when he hears the water running or you splashing around he comes running. Caden has been giving you a taste of what life would be like with a little brother or sister.
This month I've noticed how much you are like your Dad. The two of you really are two peas in a pod. You both get so frustrated if you don't get something right the first time. You both love to work with your hands and you both love video games. I just got a new phone and every chance you get you are always swiping it to play games on it. There are these puzzle games on my phone that I can barely figure out but you just zip through with no problem.

This past week you were the Star Student for your class. We had to make a poster so that you could share a little bit about your life with your classmates. You were supposed to include pictures of your family and pets. Last month your cat Siren was hit by a car and we had to bury her in the backyard. You wanted to include her picture on your poster. When we put that picture on the poster you almost started crying and grabbed on me and said "Mommy, I still miss her and I think I'll miss her forever."
At the end of each week you always bring home the papers and activities you did at School. You must have studied the planets last week because you brought home a paper you did where you placed all the planets in the right order from the sun. I made a comment to you about how when I was a kid there were nine planets. I totally thought you were going to be shocked or think I was making something up. Instead, without skipping a beat you said, "Yeah well that was Pluto. It got destroyed or something and now it's just a star." Then you started talking about the libery bell and how it got cracked. I am always amazed by just how much you have learned.
Friday was awards day at your school. You got a perfect attendance certificate and you were so proud. I think only four or five kids in your class had perfect attendance (including you) this last marking period.
The other day a little girl that lives a few houses down came and asked if you could play. She goes to your school and rides your bus. I've met her parents so I let you go play for a little bit. It was your first playdate at a neighbors house.
Sweet Pea, I love you to the moon and back,

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