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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Cards for Kaiden to Kick Cancer

Kaiden is a 5 year old nephew of one of my close friends (and the cousin of one of Lucas' best friends) and he was just diagnosed with cancer. I am posting a copy of an email from my friend Keylee (Kaiden's aunt.) Please read it, send a few cards and keep it going. Most important of all, PLEASE pray!!!!!

We just learned on January 28, 2011 that my 5 year old nephew Kaiden has cancer. As of the 31st of January the doctors do not know what kind or at what stage he has. He is scheduled to have a bone marrow test ran at 11am on the 1st of February and ports put in to start chemo. As we learn more about his condition we will be updating his facebook page, Cards for Kaiden to Kick Cancer.

Kaiden is currently admitted to a Children’s Hospital outside of Tampa, Fl and we are not sure when he’ll be going home. To help ease the boredom and pass the time we are setting this project in hopes to get him flooded with post cards and get well cards from around the World. We have made a cork board World map and plan to help him plot out the cities, states and countries that his post cards/get well cards come from with stick pins. This will also serve as a constant reminder to him when he sees the map scattered with stick pins of all the love and prayers being sent up for him.

If you could please, take a moment and send either a post card from your city/town or a get well card with a few words of encouragement and something interesting about your city/town we would be so thankful! Kaiden also has a 7 year old brother that is upset over all the changes going on right now and being without his family at home as everyone tries to juggle staying at the hospital, work, and school. So if you could also address a thank you card/post card to Ashton for being such a good big brother and helping his parents as the family battles this fight that would mean the world to him.

A close family friend has purchased a mail carrier style bag for Ashton and two mailboxes for the boys. The plan is to have Ashton go every few days to the post office to check the mail, loading his mail carrier bag and then take the cards to his little brother in the hospital and 'sort the mail' into each of their mail boxes. Then with the help of their mom and dad find the location on the map of where each card comes from and place a stick pin.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, we have a facebook page set up with updates and more info about his condition "Cards for Kaiden to Kick Cancer". Our hopes are to flood him with get well cards/post cards daily from all around the World!

Post Cards/Get Well cards can be sent to
Kaiden Crothwer
1324 Seven Springs Blvd #315
New Port Richey, FL 34655

Thank you/cards of encouragement for Kaiden's 7 year old brother can be sent to
Ashton Crowther
1324 Seven Springs Blvd #315
New Port Richey, FL 34655

Thank you in advance for all your help with this project.
Keylee Morgan
Preston, Ashton, Kaiden and Lucas having a water gun fight.


The Wheelers said...

Hey, I stole the picture and letter and put it on my Blog...figured it couldn't hurt!!!

K A R I™ said...

Awesome Becky!