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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear Lucas (6 years and 2 months),

You are now settled into your school schedule as a first grader. This is your first year in the gifted program and you seem to be thriving. You came home after your first couple of gifted classes excitedly telling us you were learning how to play chest (you meant chess.) It was a nice change to hear details about your school day because before all you would tell us was that school was "fine" or that you didn't remember what you learned.
Just like when you were in Kindergarten you come home with homework assignments for the week that are due on Friday. That way if something comes up one night and you can't get your work done it is no big deal. Every week you have spelling words, sight words, and vocabulary words to learn. Every night you practice math and writing. You just finished learning how to count in groups of tens and you know how to tell the difference between the tens and the ones places.
It is hard to believe that the first 9 weeks of school have already passed. You just got your very first report card and you got all A's. Way to go! I hope you just always do your best and always enjoy learning. We've gotten into reading chapter books at night now. We read the first few "Harry Potter" books this summer but you'll have to finish the rest of the series when you get a little older. Right now we are reading "The Indian in the Cupboard."
You still love your cat Squeakie and she loves to hug your face from behind. She was such a sweet kitten and she has turned into the most neurotic cat. She is always trying to climb walls and open drawers. She likes to climb in bags and purses and pull everything out. I don't even know where she sleeps at night but I do see her go and check on you during the night.
In a few days you have an eye appointment and I'm a little anxious. The last time you had your eyes checked it was back in February and you have always been seen every 3-6 months. Right after that appointment we got word that your doctor had retired and that meant there was only one other pediatric eye doctor in Savannah and the next available appointment wasn't until October. I wasn't sure if it was more important for you to be seen on time or if it was more important that you saw a specialist. We decided to hold out for the specialist. I hope we did the right thing. You don't seem to be having any problems that we have noticed except wanting to sleep in your glasses still.
I think the biggest news this month has been that today you got a new baby cousin. Teddie is the first girl cousin on my side of the family. You haven't gotten to meet her yet but you don't seem that upset about it. I guess boys aren't that concerned with new babies especially when they are girls. I think your uncle Ted can relate.
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Little one, I love you to the moon and back,

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