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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dear Lucas (6 years and 3 months),

I just love this time of the year. The weather is starting to cool down and the holidays are just around the corner. You are so excited for Halloween. It is just around the corner!

This month you finally went in for an eye appointment. Several months ago your eye doctor decided to retire so we had to find you a new one. Now that there is only one pediatric eye doctor the wait to get in was over 6 months. He said your eyes are still looking good and that he'll see you back in six months.

We were happily surprised to discover that you and your friends were in an ad in a regional magazine. The Roundhouse used a photo of you four from last years Santa train to promote the upcoming Santa train event. It is the October/November 2011 issue on page 89. The issue had two different covers and of course we bought one of each! When I showed you that you were in a magazine you acted like you weren't surprised. All you said was "I was in the newspaper before and now this, I guess I am really famous now."
All summer long you have been dying to go bowling but we just never got around to going. You got to finally go when your friend Bella had a bowling birthday party. You loved it!
Every October since you were born you've always gone with us to Helen, GA for a family reunion. This time around I was working and couldn't find anyone to work for me. You still got to go though because your Grandparents were nice enough to take you. I doubt you even missed us for one second.
You had a day off from school a few days ago so we packed up a picnic lunch, grabbed your friend Gabe, and headed to the park. The weather was perfect and there was a light breeze for kite flying.

I got to go with you to your first 1st grade field trip. Your class went to the Civic Center to watch Junie B. Jones play. You really enjoyed the performance and the music. I loved being called "Lucas' Mom" all day.
You cannot wait for Halloween. We have the yard all decorated. We are going to go Trick-or-treating with your friend Preston like we have done for the last several years. Halloween falls on a school night this year so we won't be out that late but it should still be fun.
You can't wait to go trick-or-treating. This year you wanted to be Harry Potter so I've been finding different pieces to put together for a costume. You would probably just be happy with some random prepackaged costume but I love adding little details.
I love you to the moon and back,
Lucas' Mom :-)

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