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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dear Lucas (8 Weeks)

Today you laughed for the first time. You smiled at me and let out this little giggle and it was so cute that I wanted to cry. I tried to get you to laugh again but you wouldn't. You kept smiling at me though. Also I love taking naps with you and being the first to wake up and just looking at you all cuddled up to me. You look so content. I'm so glad that I can stay at home with you. If I was at work I would miss all of these things!

I remember a year ago I was going through my last semester at school. In my photography class we had to talk a little bit about ourselves and share what our dream job would be. My dream job was (and is) to be a stay at home mom... I just didn't think I would be here this early! I remember my teacher Mrs. Jensen asked me something like ",So do you want to have kids right after you graduate?" and my answer was "NO!!!" Someone had other plans for me, boy am I glad I'm not the one in charge.

You've become quite my little shopping buddy! When I first would take you to the store I had to run in and out, because you did not like it for some reason! Slowly though you've come around and I would rather make 10 trips to the grocery store with you then just one without you. It is amazing how I can get the amount of groceries I do with your car seat taking up 85% of the buggy. (YES I SAID BUGGY!) You just entertain yourself looking around or gazing up at me and eating your hands.

You also love being in the car... as long as it is moving. Usually you go to sleep. On the rare occasion that you are awake and mad that you are stuck in the back seat and all you get to look at is seat, you instantly stop crying once I turn on country music. It has to be a country station, no oldies, no hip hop, no rap, no pop. You are very picky with your traveling music.

You still love laying in your crib and looking up at your mobile. You loved it so much that the batteries ran out tonight. You love to lay there watching it while I put up your clean laundry. You've also started pooping on a regular basis. Tonight was the first night that your poop got on me. While I was nursing you you had a "blow out" and as I carried you to your changing table it got all over me. Also, this morning while I was changing you I had to jump back and narrowly escaped your stream of pee. The moments like that I would glady share with someone else.

I love watching you with your Dad. When your little tummy is bothering you from your colic he will sit there and rub your little tummy and you just lay there looking up at him. He also makes you "dance" by moving your arms and it is the funniest thing! Ever since you came along he is so worried about making sure he is a good provider. He has been working a lot of over time lately. No matter how tired he is from work he always has time to rub your tummy and kiss your head.

We aren't the only ones that love you! Your family on my side and your Dad's side also adore you! Tonight we had dinner with your Grandma Andrea, and your Grandparents Ken and Barbara and your Aunt Sam. They all just can't get enough of you.

How did we ever live without you?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Mom to 3 boys said...

I love these letters, I'm sure Lucas will love them when he is older.

Lindsay said...

Your letters always make me smile- they are so cute and it makes me feel like we really know Lucas.