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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Back from Helen

This weekend went by so fast and the car ride there and back went by so slow! Amazingly though Lucas handled it very well! He slept most of the way there and was only a little whinny on the way home because he had gas and his tummy hurt. We stopped two times at gas stations to take turns burping him.

We had a great time and it was fun showing Lucas off. I'm so glad that Lucas started sleeping on his own because it really paid off. We were able to leave him safely sleeping upstairs in our room with the baby monitor on instead of being in our room 24/7.

Also, the poncho idea worked and Curt wasn't too uncomfortable with me feeding Lucas around other people. They couldn't see anything at all. I meant to take more pictures of our big family but at least I finally got pictures of our little family.

Lucas had his first taste of Apple Juice this weekend. It was just half an ounce mixed with half an ounce of water (well he also had his first taste of water too). It was a cocktail suggested to us to make him poop because he was so gassy and miserable. It worked! We don't plan on giving him juice anymore for a long time but lets just say it did get the job done and Daddy changed it.


Lisa said...

Okay where are the pictures of the dog who was in PRISON? You know me lover of animals?

Lindsay said...

Glad to see those who are usually behind the camera- BTW Kari you look great!!!