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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Fridge Rot

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Ever since we got back from Helen I have had a hard time sitting down and updated the journal and I'm not sure why. I guess it is because I'm trying to get our house back in order. Last night I cleaned the bathroom and scrubbed the shower and washed Curt's work clothes so he wouldn't go to work naked (or wearing his "good clothes.") Today I cleaned out the refrigerator and realized how much food we waste, especially when it comes to produce. I threw out everything from prepared salads, tomatoes, strawberries and bananas. From the freezer I tossed freezer burnt ground beef and chicken.

I'm having a hard time balancing sleep and housework. I am still on Lucas' sleep schedule from when he first came home from the hospital and not on the one he has been on for the last month or so. Before he used to wake up every two to three hours around the clock so I would just stay up and wait for him to wake up and feed him since I wouldn't get much sleep inbetween. I would finally crash about 3AM after he was back to sleep and then I would nap during the day between his periods of sleep and awakeness. Now he goes to bed between 10 and 11 and sleeps for about 5 hours usually waking up between 2-3AM and then goes back to sleep after an hour and sleeps until about 6 where he nurses for a few minutes and starts waking up about every hour before he is up at 8 or 9 for good only taking a few 30 minute naps during the day.

So I end up being tired and begging him to sleep and getting frustrated which I think only frustrates him. Instead I need to start going to sleep when he sleeps during the night and then I think we will both have easier days. This really worked well when we were in Helen when we went to bed about 10 Friday night and I was amazed how much sleep I ended up getting. I need to take advantage of that BIG chunk of sleep I could be getting and work out what I want to get done during the day while he is awake.

Another good thing that Lucas is doing is if he wakes up after I lay him down in his bassinet instead of screaming and wanting to be picked up as long as I come over and talk to him and give him back his pacifier that he has usually spits out and make sure he is holding his little snugly he will 9 out of 10 times put himself back to sleep.

He still has a stuffy nose left from his little cold he had last week but I got some baby vapor rub and put it on his chest and it seemed to really help. I need to start eating more of the fresh fruits and veggies instead of letting them rot to make sure that he is getting all the vitamins he needs.


Lisa said...

I don't have time to post either, and of course I am sleep deprived, only because I watch tv too much.

Lindsay said...

I miss sleep!!!

Toddler Talk said...

Okay Colby doesn't know your name. He knows Jadie and knows Lutas but won't say who you are. I am showing him the Fride Rot picture but he can't figure it out. For a sec he thought you were Mac Na Nose