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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More adventures in baby food

What a Difference a Year Makes.... 2004

Today I had a breakdown... it wasn't pretty but it only lasted about in hour. During that hour I yelled at Lucas for the first time and I think I might have used some form of profanity while I loudly "asked" him to please stop crying. For some reason his nose was stuffed again today and I was tired and unprepared for it and it has been pretty clear so I wasn't thinking a stuffed nose was the cause of all the screaming. During this hour I called my mom crying and I couldn't even hear what she said over Lucas' screams. After I got off the phone however, it dawned on me to try his snot sucker and nose drops... and then 15 minutes later he could breath through his nose and then all was well. I called my mom back and told her I was fine. She was willing to come out but I decided to take a nap instead.

I also asked her about Lucas and his eating habits. Lately he will nurse on both sides and then turn his head away because he is done. Then he starts to stick out his tongue like a lizard... and I was wondering if that means he is still hungry and maybe ready for some sort of solids after all. I must admit I was a little surprised at what my mom (who I lovingly call the nursing Nazi said) she told me that since I felt comfortable with the nursing thing and that I should trust my instincts. Then she proceeded to tell me what a great job I was doing as a mom. I thought she would be the last person that would support giving him anything other than breastmilk right now. I think from now on we will give Lucas a few spoonfuls of baby cereal mixed with breast milk once a day if he seems like he is still hungry after nursing.

Tonight after nursing him until he had his fill I mixed a little cereal up and handed it to Curt to feed Lucas. I don't know who enjoyed it more. After the little container of cereal was gone Lucas started to chew on the bib where little bits of drooled cereal had landed. It was nice to just sit there and watch the two of them interact.


Lisa said...

We all want to see pictures of Daddy feeding Lucas

Lindsay said...

You are doing a great job!! I wish we were closer to bounce more things off of eachother. I would love to just talk about "does he do this" and "what do you do if he does that". I had a lot of those breakdowns with Ean, not as much with Ben, but still a couple, so far.