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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Oh Baby Baby

Welcome to the world! Posted by Picasa

Today Lucas and I went to Walmart mostly just to get out of the house. I can't go to any store that contains any type of baby items without looking and making sure we don't "need" anything else for Lucas. While I was trying to decide which type of teething ring to get him (don't want to wait until he is teething and screaming to go out and buy one) this nice guy about my age asks how old Lucas is. Then he goes on to tell me his wife is 6 months pregnant and they are having their first child, a daughter. He has the same baby shopping disease I have and tells me every time he goes he has to buy something pink for his daughter. He also tells me about the pink bassinet, stroller, and car seat they have found. He was very sweet. For his sake I hope their ultrasound isn't wrong.

When I get home my friend Crystal calls to tell me the good news that she gave birth to her little boy on Monday. I am so happy for her! She waited until she got home before she called, which I understand! I did the same thing when I had Lucas. I recognized the sounds of exhaustion and bliss in her voice that came with bringing home a new baby. The strange thing about her delivering on Monday though was that around lunch time I had a dream she went into labor and I emailed her about it... then she calls and tells me that it happened! How strange! I can't wait for our little guys to meet. We were both due exactly 4 months apart. Lucas came two weeks late and Nicholas showed up a week early.

Lucas gave me a nice present today... we got to take an almost two hour nap! I think going to walmart messed up his nap times so he was a little fussy. Every time I tried to lay him down he would wake right up. Around 2:30 PM I laid down on the couch and put him tummy to tummy and was patting his back in case he had to burp... I woke up when Curt came home from work at 4:30 and Lucas was sleeping on my tummy.

He didn't really get gassy the rest of the night. It was nice. Lucas ended up sitting with Curt for about 30 minutes while I made dinner. Usually Curt would have been burping him but they just sat together. Curt was so surprised that Lucas didn't cry that he did a Sally Fields "he likes me, he really likes me." Lucas was pretty much happy all night just laughing and playing and snuggling. I was worried our long nap would mess up his bed time but only by about an hour. Every day this whole parent thing gets a little easier and every day Lucas' personality comes out just a little bit more.


Lisa said...

Nicholas looks like a sweetie pie. I bet he will be as nice and as his mom is.

I love MOONS said...

I'm glad every day Lucas gets sweeter since he is visiting US tomorrow. LOL Thats just a joke. We have the bean bags all ready for him.