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Monday, November 20, 2006

Lucky Number 13

So I've been working out for 3 months now and today was the day I dread each month... the day I get weighed and measured. I knew that I was going to get on the scale and either have not lost an ounce or gained a few pounds... but I was pleasantly surprised and in this last month alone I lost 8 lbs! This last month I've only been able to work out half as much as I normally do but I did start eating breakfast. I guess everyone was right about what a difference breakfast makes!
This month I also lost:
2.5 inches from my bust (3.5 total)
2.5 inches from my waist (4.5 total)
2 inches from my abdomen (3 total)
1 inch from my hips
1/2 inch from my thighs (1 inch total)
1 inch from my arms (1.5 inches total)
That is a total of loss of 14.5 inches and1.30% (or 9.5 lbs) of body fat


Tara said...

Congratulations Kari!

Lindsay said...

So awesome!!! You know, the last few times you wieghed you probably had been working out too much and had muscle build up, so you couldn't see the "weight loss". Not that muscle build up is bad!That is something I learned from Biggest Loser. This month with less working out AND eating breakfast you got to see an actual loss. That is great!

mrs. s said...

holy crud, you go girl!!!