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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Today I Grew Up

Right around the time Lucas was born Curt took out his tongue, eyebrow, and labret piercings. He told me that since we were parents now it was time to grow up. I guess I needed 16 extra months of "growing up." I woke up this morning, took out my tongue ring and threw it in the trash. I just didn't feel like having it anymore.
August 17, 2001 -November 30, 2006


MommaSteph said...

Good for you for following your own timetable. You waited till it felt right.


Mrs. S said...

I got rid of mine some time during the first 3 months James and I were dating... I just didn't feel like I needed it anymore.

Weird how we have to wait 'til we're "grown ups" to get them done, but then taking them out is a sign of being grown ups in our own heads. *hugs*