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Monday, December 18, 2006

Dress Up

Today has been a crazy busy day. Lucas had occupational therapy first thing in the morning. He is unofficially finished! He goes back in a month to make sure he is still on track and then if everything is okay (which we are sure it will be) that is all! I am a little sad that OT is over because his therapist is AWESOME and he loves going there to play with her. We gave her a Christmas card today and she called me when she opened it to say how much she appreciated it and how much she just adores Lucas.

Then it was on to a store to pick up some clothes for Curt (he got a gift card for his birthday and showed me what he wanted from the catalog) and then to the post office. I finally got our Christmas cards out and even though the post office was packed we were in and out because of this machine at the post office that lets you buy stamps and mail packages with your debit card. We left there and headed to lunch. Lucas is becoming a dipper. He wants to dip everything he eats in something (water, ketchup, dressing.) I guess he has seen Curt and I dip things so he was dipping broccoli into my ketchup. Strange kid.

After lunch we headed to my parents house and stayed with my Grandma until my Dad got home. All day Lucas wanted to go outside and go bye bye and when we finally do he wants to stay because my Dad was home. This kid loves his Grandpa. It took us an hour to get home and it was after Lucas' bedtime before we actually pulled up in our driveway. We fed Lucas real quick and put him to bed an hour later than usual.

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Tara said...

yummy, broccoli and ketchup! Great job Lucas on almost finishing up OT! I am so proud of you!