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Sunday, December 17, 2006

What month is it again?

This afternoon we went to my parents' house to celebrate Curt and my Grandmother's birthdays. It was such a beautiful day.

Lucas was so excited to go outside and play with his cousins.

Today was his first time on a big trampoline (he has jumped on a small on at PT & OT before) and hee loved it! It was a little scary for me because he kept running straight for the sides. His cousin Matthew kept him safe and Lucas was only on there for three minutes because it was time for Birthday Cake.

Eating Cake with Daddy


Jill said...

Mean Mommy. When you don't button that romper, it looks like a pink dress--I was very confused for a minute. Better destroy the evidence, or he might plot revenge later...love, Jill

K A R I™ said...

You crack me up! It wouldn't stay buttoned for some reason... I finally gave up and let it hang

Stacy said...

Look at all that hair! He looks great (& so does everyone else, smile). Hope you guys are well. Happy belated birthday to Kurt.