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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Visions of Sugar Plums

Lucas and I started out our afternoon with a trip to The Back In The Day Bakery (where they have the best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the World... and evidently the best brownies too.) The purpose of our trip was to visit with Brandi (and to try a yummy brownie.) Lucas looked so grown up walking into the bakery holding my hand. Since we were at a bakery he got to try a Daydream (a really yummy cookie which he dropped a couple of times.) Brandi was nice enough to sweep up after his crumbs.

Before we left, Brandi passed me a paper bag and told me that inside the bag was a treat for us for later. When I got to the car I couldn't wait to see what was inside. It was a red velvet cupcake complete with a golden ballerina (which I think I will turn into a Christmas ornament for our tree.) I munched on my cupcake while I headed over to my parents' house to do some last minute shopping with my Mom and Grandma. Lucas stayed with my Dad and was in full head banging glory when I left. I didn't want to leave at first because I felt bad leaving my Dad a two foot grouch. While we were gone I kept expecting me Dad to call and say "come get your brat." He of course never did. When we got back to the house three hours later I found Lucas and my Dad sitting on the couch together. When it was time to leave he wanted to stay with his Grandpa.

I didn't really buy much of anything today but I did buy a angel for the top of our tree for $1.50.

When we left there it was time to go to Curt's Grandparents' house to celebrate his Grandma's birthday. Lucas' cousins Kaliegh and Hunter Steven were there and he had a ball chasing them around. They were loud and full of energy and you couldn't tell that Lucas hadn't napped all day. The only time they sat still was to have a growling contest. I knew Lucas was ready to go when he walked over to the diaper bag and pulled our his baby and paci and laid down in the middle of the floor. It was 9:30 by the time we got home and officially laid him down to sleep (which he didn't fight at all.)

Sam sent everyone home with these cool Cookie Christmas Trees that I had never seen before. She made the cookies and the icing from scratch! Boy am I really wishing Curves was open this weekend!

By the way it turns out the whole banging thing could be a "good" thing in one way. (Or at least that is what I am telling myself.)

"Curiously, the one large study of this habit in 525 healthy children found head-bangers to be measurably advanced compared to their peers (Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, Aug 1977). If anything, then, head-banging in healthy children is a sign of increased intelligence. So... the very behavior that was frightening could be a sign of something positive."
-Alan Greene MD FAAP


Mrs. S said...

But we already knew he was a genius!

angela said...

In the picture of kaliegh lucas and steven...you put hunter instead of steven

K A R I™ said...

Ooops. All fixed