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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dear Lucas (78 weeks),

The last few days you have had a clear runny nose and since I wasn't sure if it was a cold or allergies, you haven't left the house since Saturday. I am still not sure if you have a cold or if the crazy weather changes lately are just making your nose run. Today was story time at the library and since both of us were getting a little stir crazy we ended up going. Each week you participate a little bit more and today you went right up to the librarian while she was singing a song and you let the duck puppet kiss you.

It is so funny to watch you interact with your friends. Today you and your friend Lukas kept "fighting" over this purple "popper" (it is this mesh fabric that the librarian passes out before she sings pop goes the weasel.) You would take it from Lukas and then he would take it back. If one of you got bored of it and no longer wanted to play with it than the other one wouldn't want it either.

Near the end of story time you always get a little tired and turn into a bit of a cuddle bug. I guess you figure you cuddle with me at home enough that you decide to spread the Lucas love around. You will climb right up in the laps of moms you recognize from our Tuesday playgroup. (Every once in a while you will just plop right down in a strange Mom's lap as well. They never seem to mind though and even though I offer to get you they always let you sit as long as you like.) I think it is pretty neat that I have such a loving little guy.

After story-time we went to lunch with some of our friends. For some reason when you see adults drinking out of cups you think you should be able to drink from them too, especially if the drink comes with a straw. (Getting you strawed sippy cups doesn't work either.) Lately, I've started to get you your very only cup of water when you are out because I'm not sharing my drink with you anymore since you have been known to leave floaties. Well, today I was eating my lunch and thinking what a smart mommy I am because you are sitting quietly eating and drinking in your highchair and I look over at you and notice that you are happily sitting in a puddle of ice water. You had pulled the lid off the cup and where splashing in the water. I ended up having to take you to the bathroom to change your diaper, because the outside of it was soaking wet. The one day I don't pack a change of clothes you need one! I remember thinking "hmm we don't need an extra outfit... we are just going to the library." I felt so strange carrying out of the bathroom with no pants on (especially since it was so cold outside.) You weren't phased a bit. When we got home you wanted to play outside in your naked legs.

You have been the best eater lately but at the same time you have started to eat some strange stuff too. You will beg to play with your play-doh (you will either drag your little table from your room into the living room or bring the play-doh to me and ask me to "op" it) just so you can lick it, which makes the play-doh really slimy and gross. The other night your Dad asked "is that stuff edible." When I told him "no" he started to freak out because he noticed you were sneaking licks. I explained to him that it was nontoxic, which is what I guess he meant when he asked if it was edible. Lately, you've also been stealing sanitizing hand wipes out of the diaper bag and chewing on them. You get so mad at me when I take them away but I'm sure it isn't good for you to eat those things... sorry. Maybe you should just stick to your edible play-doh.

You are very into imitating us and acting out things your Dad and I do. You have always loved brushing your teeth but lately you have gotten into wanting to be held while we brush our teeth together. Once I started doing this you had to have water just like I do to rinse out your mouth (only you drank it) and you had to spit the water and toothpaste out into the sink (only it was more like drool running out of your mouth then spitting.) Afterwards you always do a little happy dance. Your favorite person to imitate is your Daddy though. The other night you put on his hat, grabbed his keys, and walked right up to him. You gave him a kiss on the cheek, waved and said "bye-bye" and walked over to the door and pretended like you were going somewhere and then started over again. Your Dad was beaming with pride.

Bugga, I love you to the moon and back,


P.S. Can you please stop stealing the mousepad and hiding it in random places. It makes writing your letters each week a little difficult.

P.P.S. I almost forgot. You have a new favorite show. It is about backup dancers and is called Dancelife and comes on MTV. When you see the people (especially the guys) dancing you go crazy and dance wilder than anytime I have ever seen you before. It is pretty great stuff. If we had Tivo I would get the season pass for that show so that you never missed an episode.

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