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Monday, October 27, 2008

Dear Lucas (39 Months),

I think that this is my new favorite age, so can we please agree that you will just stay 3? Sunday night you came up to me and out of no where said "Mommy, you are my best friend, and your hair feels pretty." If you had followed that with "Can I have candy for dinner?" I would have thrown you in the car and taken you to the store and headed straight for the candy aisle.
For the last week or so you've been crawling up in our bed in the middle of the night without us knowing it. The first time you did it, your Daddy was getting ready for work and turned the light on in our bedroom and you popped up out of nowhere and yelled "Hey, I'm trying to sleep, TURN THAT LIGHT OFF NOW!" I guess I am a pretty heavy sleeper because I never realize when you have crawled into bed until the morning. I always have to end up asking your Dad if you were in bed with us before he went to work or not. About half the time you don't crawl into bed until Daddy leaves for work.I'm sure we should be trying to nip this in the bud but it is so nice to wake up to a sweet little cuddle bug... and did I mention that when you wake up in our bed you sleep an HOUR later then you do in your own bed?!?!
Speaking of your Dad's work, you totally think that he picks bubble gum for a living. No I am serious, you do! See, at your Dad's work they have a big jar of bubble gum for the employees to share and your Dad always seemed to have a piece or two of gum in his pocket. Then you started asking him to bring you bubble gum home, which your Dad usually does EVERY DAY. Well the other day you got up and said "Mommy can we go to work and see Daddy? I want to help him pick bubble gum." Your Dad got a real quick when he got home and I told him to ask you what you did at work. You told him. "You pick bubble gum, silly."
You are so excited that it is almost Halloween that you can't even stand it and it is so much fun being around someone so excited. You've loved all the fall festivals we've gone to and carving a pumpkin and "booing" our neighbors. Every night before bed I take you outside so you can see our pumpkin glowing in the dark then you snuggle in your bed and we read books we got from the library out pumpkins and kids dressed in costumes. Today you had a playgroup Halloween party and you had a ball. At first you wanted to dress up as a rock star, then a fire fighter, and finally I bribed you into wearing a Frankenstein mask (although you thought you were the Hulk.) You really wanted to wear your batman costume but I talked you into saving it for going Trick-or-treat.
Tonight you went to soccer practice for the first time in a month (you missed the other ones because of your Dad and I were sick, then the next week you were sick, then it got rained out, then you hit your head and we had to take you to the Dr and make sure you didn't have a concussion, which you didn't.) I am so glad we signed you up for soccer because you really do have a lot of fun.

Watching you play soccer has really brought out a whole new side to you. When you barely trip you get all dramatic about it and lay on the grass like you are going to die right then and there on the grass. Then five seconds later you are back up kicking your ball into the goal. It is HILARIOUS and so hard not to laugh because you are so SERIOUS when it happens. If you were a girl we would call you a drama queen for sure! When you win that Oscar, don't forget to thank your Mommy!
Buggs, I love you to the moon and back,

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