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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall Festival

Curt really wanted us to go and do something together so we packed Lucas and Lori up and headed to a local fall festival. We all had a blast! Curt even had the camera most of the day which is a nice change since I'm actually in some of the pictures for once.

Lucas was so excited to ride a pony. Waiting in line he said he wanted to ride the horse he ended up getting. The horses name was "Red."

During the pony ride he said "Mommy this horse is bumpy!"

Then it was over to the fire truck. Lucas was trying his hardest to figure out how to get the siren to go off.

Then he checked out the inside of an ambulance.

Which he also tried to turn on.

Next up was the moon bounce.

He got his face painted for the first time ever. The lady who painted his face said he was the first kid she painted that actually sit still.

He chose a bat because he is going to be Batman for Halloween.

Checking out the bat on his cheek.
Holding a baby chick.
Holding a crab.
Lucas and Aunt Lori posing with a scarecrow.
Checking out a helicopter (and probably wondering if he can start that baby up and take her for a spin)
He kept asking for a helmet so he could take the scooter for a ride.

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Parenting Boys said...

Wow Kari, that looks like it was so much fun, the boys would have loved this!