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Monday, November 17, 2008

Lucas' Last Night of Soccer

Today was Lucas' very last night of soccer and I'm kind of glad. The Early Goal Program was amazing and Lucas' coach was awesome but with the time change a few weeks ago 5:30 practices where just too late!
Lucas was excited all day to go to soccer but by the time we got there he was tired and cold and didn't want to participate for the first twenty-five minutes.
Lucas finally started to participate in the last few activities because I was able to bribe him with a PB&J (good thing he was playing soccer and didn't have to use his hands!)
After a few soccer games the kids all sat on their balls and the coaches called each player one by one and gave them a certificate and a little medal. Then when everyone had their awards each player got a chocolate cupcake.
I'm not sure when the next round of Early Goals soccer starts up again but I think we will take a break for a while because of the weather turning colder. However, I would recommend the program in a heartbeat to anyone else and I'm so glad Lucas got to play. He loved his coach and you can't beat the cost of the program either. $40 for 2 months of soccer and that included a t-shirt, certificate, medal, and a yummy cupcake topped with a single mini-marshmallow.

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