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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Heart Broken

Usually I try to go grocery shopping alone, but sometimes that just isn't possible. Today, happened to be one of those times.

Lucas "I want to ride in the car buggy" (the buggies that have a giant car on the front that make normal shopping more challenging because you have to try to maneuver the cart down the already crowded aisle.)
Me: "You never want to stay in the car, let's get a normal buggy."
Lucas: "I want a car. PWEASE! I'll stay in it!"
Me: You PROMISE that you will ride in the car the ENTIRE time and not want to get out?
Lucas: "I pwomise. I want the blue one!"

2 minutes later

Lucas: "I want to get out!"
Me: "NO!"
Lucas: "PWEASE!"
Me: "No! You promised that you would sit in the car the entire time."
Lucas: "I want the other buggy"
Me: "No, we are almost done"
Me: "How did I break your heart?"
Lucas: "You made me stay in the car like I promised!!!"

On the Car ride home

Lucas: "I want to go to Chuck E. Cheese"
Me: "We'll talk to Daddy about it"
Lucas: "No, he won't take me. You take me!"
Me: "How about when you are potty trained then we can go have a party there with pizza and games."
Lucas: "I know! You potty train me AT Chuck. E. Cheese"


The Wheelers said...

I love the logic of 3 year olds :)

Lini said...

oh, that is too funny!

Lori said...

AW! That's too funny. I wonder where he got the broken heart thing from!