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Sunday, May 03, 2009

We are so Blessed

I have been staring at this blank computer screen for what seems like forever trying to form the right words to explain the incredible surprise benefit that was thrown on our behalf last night.... to try and express just how thankful and touched we are to have THE MOST amazing friends and family in the entire world.
Because of their generosity Curt's urology bill has been completely wiped out and we'll be able to cover the initial Doctor bills before his surgery and all of Curt's medications. There is a huge sense of relief to not have to worry any more about medical bills. More than anything though we are most grateful for the love and friendship. It was so amazing to walk into this room filled with people who care about us so much.


Charity said...

awww.. What are friends for right?! You are a wonderful person and that's how you've ended up with wonderful friends!! ; )

The Wheelers said...

I second Charity, it's nice to do things for friends and you are such a great person and a wonderful friend so we couldn't resist helping!