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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hairs the Thing

Cut has been threatening to shave Lucas' hair off again so I decided to take him Monday for a proper hair cut. The only person (besides Curt) that has ever cut Lucas' hair is his Aunt Sam and I felt like we were cheating on her by going some where else but I didn't feel like driving across town. The ironic thing though is we ended up having to wait an hour for our turn. Luckily, Lucas had asked to bring his Leapster with us, so he did great during the wait.

He also did really awesome sitting still in the chair even though he kept getting hairs tickling his nose, eyes, and mouth.

I didn't realize it but he never looked at himself in the mirror at the Salon with his glasses on so when we got home and he saw himself in a mirror he FREAKED. He was so mad at me for letting the lady cut off all his curls and he dramatically lamented, "Oh no, now I am bald!"

1 comment:

The Wheelers said...

he looks so handsome...I but I agree with him...I LOVE the curls!