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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Toxic Synovitis

The last few days Lucas has been complaining that his leg hurts but then he would be running around so we figured it was growing pains. Then Wednesday afternoon Lucas he started complaining a little more that his leg hurt and was cramping up. We just thought he was tired from walking at the beach earlier that morning because we did A LOT of walking. Then last night he woke up several times in tears saying his leg hurt. I gave him some Tylenol and he went back to sleep. Then this morning he was limping around the house and in tears because his leg hurt so much. I ended up calling and making an appointment to see his doctor. Lucas did NOT want to go to the doctor. He kept trying to pretend he was okay. He remembered the last time he had to get blood drawn so the whole way there he kept trying to bribe me with a $1 if I would just take him home or to his cousin Joseph's house (who we were supposed to babysit for later)
He ended up having to get blood drawn and he was NOT a happy camper. After the nurse left Lucas asked me to draw something on the magnadoodle that was in the room with us. I wrote LUCAS IS BRAVE and he told me "no I'm not Mommy, I was scared and I cried" and then he asked if I would pray for him that his leg and his newly pricked finger would stop hurting, so we did. Lucas ended up getting diagnosed with Toxic Synovitis which kids commonly get after being sick (like his stomach bug last week) We were told to give him Motrin, but we can't right now since he has to be sedated on Monday for his eyes. So for now he is taking Tylenol when he absolutely has to have something for pain and taking Epsom salt baths.
On a side note his pediatrician just moved to a new office and it is so nice. Lucas was so excited to be in room 4, which is his lucky number (although I have a hunch it will be changing to 5 in just a few days.) Poor kid doesn't know he'll have to go back next week for his 5 year well check and get 4 shots. He was 38 lbs today and just shy of 42 inches (but he was wearing sneakers and last time he was measured he was wearing flip flops)

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