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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wise Beyond His Years?!?

The other night Lucas was taking a bath and I went to start a load of clothes. When I walked back in the bathroom I found water everywhere. He had taken the bath towels and hand towels off the racks and put them in the bathtub and then threw them on the bathmat soaking wet and getting water everywhere. When I asked him what made him do something like that he looked at me and said, "because I knew you weren't in the bathroom to catch me doing it and I could get away with it while you were gone." His answer took me by surprise. I was expecting the usual shoulder shrug or an "I don't know."
Then the following conversation happened today
Lucas: "Mommy I just prayed by myself"
Me: "What did you pray for?"
Lucas: "I prayed that my friends' Dad Mr.Sean would feel better and not be sick anymore."

Sean is David and Gabe's Dad, (the two boys that I babysit a few afternoons a week, and Lucas' best friends) and he wasn't feeling good today.