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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Here Goes Nothing

Back in August, we took care of our nephew Joseph while my sister was busy giving birth to Joshua. Lucas and Joseph were so sweet together and Joseph even slept the entire night in Lucas bed.

After Joseph went back home Curt started talking about wanting another child. This was a big shock to me since for the whole 9 years we've been married he has always said he just wanted one child. Before I was diagnosed with PCOS I always dreamed about having 2 kids. Then not long after Curt and I were married I found out I had PCOS and might have trouble getting pregnant. When I found out I was pregnant with Lucas it was a complete surprise and I was just happy that God blessed us with one child.

People would ask us ALL THE TIME, "when are you having another baby," and we would tell them we were good with one. I didn't think Curt would ever change his mind, and I was fine with that because I didn't want to deal with the heartache of trying to have another child and then not being able to get pregnant again. But then Lucas had to go and be all sweet to his little nephew and suddenly Curt and I found ourselves talking about baby names and I stopped taking my birth control pills.

For some reason I thought I would get pregnant right away and I bought a million pregnancy tests knowing that I would get a positive test right away. When this didn't happen we decided to just have fun and if pregnancy happened it happened but we weren't going to stress about it. Then my PCOS symptoms starting rearing their ugly heads... bad acne, hair growth, weight gain, skin tags, pain from cysts, and no menstrual cycle. I hated to even leave the house some days. So I made an appointment before Thanksgiving with my midwife. I got a referral to another Doctor and on December 30th I walked out with a prescription for provera and clomid. I walked out of the office freaking out because it finally seemed real that we might have another baby.

On the way to drop off my prescription I asked Lucas what he thought about having a little brother or sister. He said he wanted an older brother and would maybe like a little brother. I asked him what he would think if he had a little sister and without skipping a beat he answered, "I'd hate her." Guess it's a good thing boys seem to run in our family. So far my parents have 6 Grandsons.

I still needed a few days for everything to sink in and I started taking Provera on January 3rd. I was told to take 1 pill twice a day for 7 days. I finished the last dose tonight. Now I wait for my period to show up and then 5 days from then I start clomid. So 2011 could end up being quite the exciting year! We will celebrate our 10th anniversary and possibly the birth of our second child.


TednLisa said...

Wow how exciting for you guys. I was waiting to hear more on your appointment since I knew you loved the midwifes!

TednLisa said...

Exciting! Looking forward to more news.

K A R I™ said...

I accidently deleted Mommywise's comment "I wish you luck and good results!"

The Wheelers said...

YEAH!!! Best wishes and good luck!

Lini said...

This makes me happy to read!