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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eye Need Glasses

Last Saturday, Curtis had an eye appointment and since I hadn't really had an eye exam in about 15 years I decided to go with him. Recently I noticed that when I closed my right eye the outline of things looked fuzzy, but with both eyes I could see fine. I figured at the most the eye doctor would tell me that I should wear glasses when I drive or at night or something. I was quite surprised when the doctor told me that I should be wearing glasses full time. Although technically the doctor did tell me I can still legally drive without glasses.
I ended picking out glasses but I was and am not happy about it. They still have not come yet and I am quite fine with that. They are supposed to be here in 7-10 business days (from last Saturday) so they should be arriving next week I guess. I know I am being a big baby about this especially since both my husband and son wear glasses full time, and I like THEM in glasses.
I just hate wearing glasses on my face! Even in the summer when I would put on sunglasses after a few minutes they always end up perched on top of my head. I avoid 3-D movies because the feeling of the glasses sitting on my nose drives me batty. I know contacts could be an option but the thought of having to shove something on my eyeball doesn't appeal to me. Maybe I will feel differently once I look at the world through my prescription

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The Wheelers said...

go for the contacts...I wore glasses from the age of 4-30ish....once in college I made the switch to contacts, it's really not hard once you get used to it!