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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Balanced Diet

If he ever refuses to eat his vegetables all I have to do is the old "here comes the airplane" trick. See Video Posted by Picasa

Some of you may have noticed that yesterday I censored myself. Originally the post "Yum the taste of Toy" had a different name. I don't remember quite how I originally worded it but it was something about needing a night out with Curt and him not realizing how much I needed it. Also a few hours later, once Lucas was asleep, I added an entry where I wrote more in depth about how frustrated I was. Most of it had to do with Curt's Saturday nights at his Grandpa's house, which he has been doing since he was 11. I took this last post off this morning because I felt a little guilty. (So if you didn't read it between 11 PM last night and 10 AM this morning it no longer exists. While it was up it did have some positive results. Thanks Lisa for the late night chatfest and Brandi I can't wait to get together with you Saturday.)

Last night Curt came home and instantly said "I can tell you are stressed out, talk to me," and "what can I do," and "Make plans for us to go out." Then this morning after he got up to help me with Lucas, he told me to go off and do something for myself... all without reading any of my posts. Here I was thinking that he was totally oblivious and he wasn't. Of course I did tell him about the deleted post, and I think it hurt his feelings a little that I didn't just talk to him about it. Once again I realize how much I gain by talking to him instead of silently stewing. I don't know why this lesson is so hard to learn.

I know a lot of Curt's frustrations come from having a hard time being patient with Lucas screaming his head off for what seems to him as know reason. I on the other hand seem to have little patience with Curt and all the patience in the world with Lucas (most of the time.) So I'm glad that Curt is patient with me even though most of the time I don't deserve it. I guess we balance each other out.

I didn't go off today though because I was too tired. Instead we tag teamed taking care of Lucas today and Curt watched him so I could nap and I repaid him by teaching him some of my tricks for calming Lucas down. Curt also went out and got us Subway for lunch while I stayed snuggled on the couch next to a finally napping baby.

After his nap Lucas was ready to play. He spent a lot of time on the floor today doing his favorite activity... eating toys. I think the next time we are out and about I am going to pick him up a teething ring. I bet he would enjoy chewing on that, and if all his ferocious toy eating means that soon he will be cutting teeth, it will be a good thing to have around the house.


Anonymous said...

Well that was fast. I'm so glad Curt gets it. I guess you are very blessed to be able to talk to him.

Lisa said...

P.S. I have a field trip till 5 on Friday. I don't know when we will be home since it is downtown. We could probably be here by 6.30 if you wanted to go out then. If not then Sunday since you have plans with Brandi on Saturday.