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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lucas the Potty Training Pirate

I stayed up late last night making a pirate reward chart to (hopefully) conquer potty training. Every time Lucas goes poop or pee in the potty he gets to move Lucas the pirate to a number. For successfully going to the bathroom he also gets batman fruit snacks. If he has an accident then Lucas the pirate has to move back one space. When Lucas the Pirate gets to the treasure chest at number 5 he gets a small toy. When Lucas the Pirate makes it to the Pirate ship at number 10 then Lucas can finally get the train that has been sitting on top of our fridge for almost a year. He still knows that train is there too because every few weeks he tries to talk us into giving it to him.

I explained the chart to Lucas when he got up this morning and he seemed to understand it right away. He went poop on the potty right away and was so excited to move Lucas the pirate and get his batman snacks. He even wanted to call his Daddy and tell him he pooped. Since Daddy's phone went to voicemail I asked him if there was anyone else he wanted to call. He said Grandma Andrea, so we called her and he told her all about how he pooped in the potty "and didn't eat it" (his words, not mine.) Then the rest of the day he had no interest in going to the bathroom... unless he was in the mood for more batman snacks, which always happened when he didn't have to go and when he did have to go he never made it to the potty. Lucas the Pirate is back at Start and Lucas only ate batman snacks once today.


The Wheelers said...

That's a AWESOME chart Kari. Hope it helps :) Kai like her chore chart so here's hoping.

Josie said...

I'm so glad he didn't eat it, too.